Secretary of Government: correspondence of the Provincial Government of Paraíba with the Ministry and Secretary of Navy Affairs, ("Ministério e Secretaria dos Negócios da Marinha"), 1829-1849

This volume contains registry of letters from the provincial government to the Ministry of State for Navy Affairs (Ministério d’Estado dos Negócios da Marinha), between 1829 and 1848. It includes Imperial Orders relating to: a request for the delivery of a list of merchant vessels belonging to the Province, and annual reports of vessels added each year; recruitment in the Province after the General Assembly was installed, in 1826; appointments and beginning of terms, such as João Antônio de Vasconcelos taking office as Provincial President, and Joaquim Antônio Fernandes Leão's appointment to the post of Minister (official) and Secretary of State for Navy Affairs; information regarding captures, such as the seizure of wood shipped from Barra do Rio Gramame to Cabedelo, which had been cut from foreign woods without a license (the wood was destined to the National Schooner, in Olinda, which was under construction in the Port of Pernambuco). It also contains notifications on the Ministry of the Navy's Expenditure Balance Sheet. Letters were dispatched during the tenure of different governors, including Gabriel Getúlio Monteiro de Mendonça, 1829; Pedro Rodrigues Fernandes Chaves, 1842; João Antônio de Vasconcelos, 1848, as well as different Ministers (officials) and State Secretaries for Navy Affairs, like Miguel de Souza de Mello, 1829; the Marquis of Paranaguá (Marquez de Paranaguá), 1842; Manoel Felizardo de Souza e Mello, 1848; Joaquim Antônio Fernandes Leão; among other topics.

Created by the Provincial Government of Paraíba.

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 164 folios, in addition to front and back cover. Manuscript book with original hardcover. Volume is well preserved, with some damage by insects and some yellowing folios.