Royal Orders, Secretary of the Navy and Overseas Affairs (Secretaria da Marinha e Negocios Ultramarinos)

Bound manuscript volume. The volume registers royal letters and provisions dating from 1798 to 1821 and sent to the governors of Paraíba. Records a provision ordering the remittance of charts detailing the captaincy’s inhabitants, their occupations, marriages, births, and deaths, the importation and exportation of products, and vessels entering and departing from the port (1799); status of the Fortaleza do Cabedelo; postage on correspondence sent via maritime post; clearance of the brigantine Lebre, shipmaster José Ginioux, to set sail without a convoy because it was armed (1799); provision ordering Antonio Felipe Soares de Andrade Brederode to leave the captaincy and warning about the entry of French commisaries to the captaincy (1810); smallpox epidemics among black and indigenous children; solicitation of a nomination for General Inspector of Indians (Inspetor Geral dos Índios) and specifications for the occupation of administrative posts in the government, including the Diretor dos Índios.

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 300 folios, in addition to front and back covers. Book manuscript, contains non-original cover; folios damaged by insects and iron gall ink.

Creator (Author): King (Portugal); Overseas Council (Conselho Ultrarino, Portugal).