Notices from the State Secretary for War Affairs (Secretaria de Estado dos Negócios da Guerra), 1842-1848

This book contains registers of notices (avisos) from the State Secretary for War Affairs to Paraíba's Provincial Government from 1842 to 1848. It includes internal communications such as: the Decree of July 7 1842; First Line Infantry's Colonel José Thomás Henriques's promotion; shipment of four copies of Decree nº 61, as well as the government's decisions; instructions for the recruitment of 3,000 recruits to the Army as well as to serve in any part of the Empire, to follow immediately after the suspension of recruitments as ordered in a memo dated July 31; the Emperor's resolution to terminate the services of Police Officer José Francisco de Carvalho, of the Provincial Line's Temporary Corps, in answer to petition nº12; notification letter nº13, in which Narceira Maria da Conceição requests that her son, Estevão Soares de Pinto, a soldier of the 4th Battalion of Artillery, be transferred to the Provincial Riflemen Company (Companhia Fixa de Caçadores da Província); Petition to the Provincial Treasury for the payment of late salaries due to Lieutenant Manoel Antônio, among others. Notices were sent during the tenure of different governors, including Fernandes Chaves, 1842; Francisco de Sá, 1844; Albuquerque Maranhão, 1848; Carneiro de Campos, 1848, among others.

Created by State Secretary for War Affairs (Brazil).

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 140 folios, in addition to front and back cover. Manuscript book with original hardcover. Brittle and yellowing paper, damaged by iron gall ink. Numerated through folio 132.