Acts of the Paraíba Government

This series contains documents produced by the Provisory Provincial Junta (Junta Provincial Provisória) that governed during the last years of the colonial regime and the early years of the Province as part of the Brazilian nation (1821-1824); correspondence between Paraíba's Provincial Government and the Armed Forces Command/Provincial Police, between 1825 and 1830, 1859-1864, and 1882-1883; dispatches from the Provincial Government to several government institutions, including the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, 1829-1865, the Ministry for Imperial Affairs, 1829-1833, and the Ministry of State for Navy Affairs, 1829-1848; correspondence between Paraíba's Government Secretary and the Secretary of the Public Treasury, 1831-1834; dispatches to judges in the years 1835-1844, 1860-1862, 1880, 1886, and 1888; correspondence from the Presidency of the Province (Presidência da Província) to different provincial governments, in 1840, 1847-1850,1859, and 1888; correspondence between the Provincial Government and the Chief of Police, Deputies (delegados), and Assistant Deputies (subdelegados) of the Province, 1842-1847, 1859-1864, 1869-1877, and 1882; dispatches and ordinances of the Provincial Government, in the periods 1856-1858, 1860, 1862-1864, 1866-1870, 1880-1882, 1885, and 1887; correspondence of Paraíba's Government with the Higher Command of the National Guard, from 1860 to 1861; correspondence between the Provincial Government and the Municipal Chambers of the Province of Paraíba, in the year 1889; dispatches from the Presidency of the Province to the Port's Captain, the Chief of Police, and Presidents of other provinces, in 1889. Documents include nomination, exoneration, and dismissal of public servants; and topics relating to public health, transportation, ports and navigation, internal production, importation and exportation, slaves, native population, the security of the province, among others.

Created by the Provincial Government of Paraíba.

Manuscript book with original hardcover, which is severely damaged. Folios are damaged by insects and iron gall ink. Some folios are yellowing, torn, and contain tape. Initial and final folios are missing Binding is loose.