Register of Orders from the Office of the State Secretary of the Treasury (Secretaria de Estado dos Negócios da Fazenda), 1826-1856

The book contains orders issued by the State Secretary of Imperial Affairs (Secretaria de Estado de Negócios do Império), in Rio de Janeiro, to the Provincial Government of Parahyba do Norte, between the years 1826 and 1856. Registers include Ordinances, such as the one instructing Provincial Presidents to send to the State Secretary every application and petition relating to matters of the national Treasury, and procedures to follow. Registers also include the Emperor's nominations (appointments) and dismissals (exonerations), including those of José Thomaz Ferreira Neves as First Clerk at the Provincial Treasury's Accountant office (Escrituário da contadoria da Tesouraria da Província); appointment of João Maurício Wanderley as Minister and State Secretary for the Treasury's Internal Affairs during State Councilman Marquês de Paraná's impeachment; and dismissal of Antônio de Souza Gouvêa as Fiscal Prosecutor of the Provincial Treasury, among others. The orders were addressed to different Provincial Presidents (Presidentes de Província) over the years in question, including Alexandre Francisco de Seixas Machado, 1826; Francisco de Assis Pereira Rocha, 1827; Gabriel Getúlio Monteiro de Mendonça, 1822, 1829; Holanda Chacon, 1839; Monteiro da Franca, 1840; Costa Pinto, 1850, 1956, as well as different State Secretaries of the State Office of Treasury Affairs (Secretaria de Estado e Negócios da Fazenda), such as Visconde de Barbacena, 1826; Marquês de Quelus, 1827; Miguel Calmon de Pin e Almeida, 1822, 1829; Manoel Alves Branco, 1839; Martin Francisco Ribeiro de Andrade, 1840; João Maurício Wanderley, 1856 e Marquêz de Paraná, 1850, among others.

Created by State Secretary for Imperial Affairs/Treasury (Brazil).

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 190 folios, in addition to front and back cover. Manuscript book with original cover. Damaged by insects, with yellowing folios. Many folios are blank. Written information ends on folio 143.

Creator (Author): Ministros e Secretários da Secretaria de Estado e Negócios da Fazenda: Visconde de Barbacena; Marquês de Quelus; Miguel Calmon de Pin e Almeida; Manoel Alves Branco; Martin Francisco Ribeiro de Andrade; João Maurício Wanderley e Marquêz de Paraná.