“Book of pious endowments of the Monastery of Dominicans of Santa Rosa 1899-1900

Contains information about pious endowments founded in favor of the monastery of Dominicans of Santa Rosa, recognized during the government of Mother Carmen of Saint Thomas. Specifically it presents a statement of accounts, i.e. the grants (inputs) and spending (expense) developed in the festivities that were carried out to diverse sanctities inside the monastery, for example, Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Lord Captive, Divine Child Jesus, among others. In addition to the amount (capital, interest, amount and 10%), it includes the approvals made by the Doicesan Tribunal of Auditors. The first year of the government of the Reverend Mother. Carmen of St. Thomas. From April 30th, 1899 until April 29th, 1900"; "Pious endowments 1899" (tag).

Black cover book, large size and thin thickness (34.5 x 22.4 x 1 cm). On the outside, it has a paper label with the title "Pious endowments 1899." It has three sheets with a grid.

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