Pious Endowments; Mayor; Inventory of Pious Loads

The book presents detailed information about the pious donations which recognizes the Dominican monastery of Santa Rosa. The document contains an inventory that includes a statement that records the debit (inputs) and assets (expenses); revenues; name of the person who donates the capital and the detail and directions of the Foundation. Among the Pious Foundations are, for example, feasts and masses to Catalina de Sena, Our Lady of Sorrows, Saint Joseph, among others. In addition to indicate the amount (capital, interest, amount and 10%), in some cases, it indicates the name of the person who made the donation. Next to the detail of the endowments which expresses the burden or obligation of the monastery, in some cases reduction of the pious loads are presented.

Book of large size and thick width (35.5 x 25 x 3.3 cm). Cover lined with leather or imitation of brown colour, with metal endings. The book presents some designs in its cover and a tag, and red label with golden letters, this is located in the cover of the book. Both labels have written the word MAJOR. Untill page 106, there are documents belonging to the 19th Century.

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