"No. 227. Rejistro de Instrumentos Públicos, ante el Notario Ramón Nieto G. en el año 1865. Unica Pieza [1865]"

Description: The protocol contains, among other documents, debt cancellations, proxies, contracts of sale, sales, organizations of commercial companies and loan contracts. some relevant names in the book are Ramon Nieto, Vicente Santiago Alvares and Bernardo de la Torre. Physical condition of original material: Hard cardboard covers in brown color, no back. It has 108 sheets with 41 notary edicts registered. 95% of the book content is in good condition and edicts are signed by Ramon Nieto. The protocol has an index of all the processes carried out during the year and shows the number of edicts and folio where is located each of the processes. Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.