"No. 182. Rejistro de Instrumentos Públicos,ante el Notario Ramón Nieto G. Unica pieza [1862]"

Description: The protocol contains the registration of public instruments made in 1862 in Mompos regarding cancellation of debts, buying and selling houses, property donations, special powers and notarization of documents. An edict stands out because of defamation where Lisandro Muñoz, Lorena Muñoz and Ponce Sandro are involved. some relevant names in the protocol are Ramon Nieto and Pedro Vazquez. Physical condition of original material: The book have no back, only one quite damaged cover, its made in brown hard cardboard. It has 100 sheets and 99 notarial edicts. Presents several damages in the numbering and only 58% of the leaves is in good condition, many of the last sheets are completely destroyed (imposible to digitize). The edicts are signed by notary Ramon G. Nieto. Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.