"No. 214. Rejistro de Instrumentos Públicos, ante el Notario Ramón Nieto G. en el año 1864. Unica Pieza [1864]"

Description: Among other resolutions, the protocol contains cancellation proceedings, proxies, contracts of sale, documents of protest, wills, and the certificate of the liquidation of the Blanco and Alvarez trading house, in some documents people from different regions of the country and foreigners are mentioned in relation to the issues of the trading houses and the commercial traffic along the Magdalena river to the port of Honda. Some relevant names are Ramon Nieto, Dr. Pantaleón German Ribon and Luis de Paz. Physical condition of original material: Hard cardboard cover in brown color, no back. It has 185 sheets with 50 notary edicts. 94% of the book content is in good condition and edicts are signed by Ramon Nieto. The protocol has an index of all the processes carried out during the year and shows the number of edicts and folio where is located each of the processes. Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.