Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1874-1875. Tomo Unico [1874-1875]

This protocolo does not have an index. The notary is José Antonio Ortiz, Riohacha Circuit Notary. There are different types of page numbering, which makes reading difficult. This book contains notarization of documents, such as the deed of sale of all assets of Antonio J. Meaja granted in favor of José Saborde, French vice consul, in the amount of $15,792, and the document confirming Domingo Pichón and Antonio Anaya Daza as guarantors of young Tomas Pichón, a student at the University. It also holds special powers, powers of attorney (Samuel Pinedo grants a general power to his father, Gabriel Pinedo, on the island of Curação), recognition of children, home sales, sales of plots (this being the most common of the processes), room sales, bonds, debt, miscellaneous sales, and wills. Of particular interest is the sale of all of Antonio J. Meaja's assets, granted in favor of José Saborde, French vice consul. Women participate frequently in this volume.