Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1891. Tomo Unico [1891]

This protocolo contains notarial and judicial processes. Rafael Armas served as judge and Manuel Morales as notary. This book contains: notarization of documents (Bylaws of the corporation Empresa de Cultivo y Elaboración de Tabaco in the provinces of Novilla and Valle de Upar), wills, special powers, home sales, sales of plots, room sales, multiple sales (Morris Pinedo Junior sells a schooner to Gabriel R. from L. Ruiz), bonds, debts, several wills, a donation (Andrés Ramos and José Lavorde give a building to the department of Magdalena), and debt payments. The following names repeat throughout the document: Domingo Pichón, Jacob A. Correa, Lisandro Pinedo and Empresa de Cultivo y Elaboración de Tabaco. Many women participate in the notarial process in this year.