Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1878. Tomo Unico [1878]

The protocolo has an index at the end of the volume. Juan José Brugés Escala acts as Notary. Several types of page numbering appear throughout the volume. Numbering starts with the spelled out numbers, as in "uno," through Folio seventy-eight and then switches to numbered pages starting with "79." There is no Folio no. 203. This protocolo contains 238 numbered folios. This book includes notarization of documents (deed agreement between Dr. Dionisio E. Veles and Samuel Pinedo, cancellation of a deed of recognition that Juan Francisco Gomes granted to Rafa Medina on August 13, 1859), special powers, acknowledgement of children, home sales, sales of plots, sales of rooms, multiple sales, bonds, debts, donations, and wills. The names of Dionisio E. Veles and Adolfo Lopez appear frequently.