Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1859. T. Unico [1859]

This protocolo contains registers of sales of lots, houses, farms, and schooners, some registers of powers granted, surveys, wills, and protests, among others. Some documents of interest include: the recognition given by Gabriel Ramírez Luis and José Asís to Nicolás Danies; a special power granted by Gabriel Pinedo to Jorge Danies; the protest of the captain of the North American schooner "Emily Kerr" against a decision of the court of Magdalena; the protest of a bill drawn by Vose Livingston C. for Mailano Phelpz, endorsed by those in favor of Nicolás Danies against A. Pinedo C., and a protest for non-acceptance of the former; a bill of protest drawn by Leipuan Lehman C. for Nicolás Danies and paid for by Abelló y Fraile; a bill of protest drawn by Vose Livingston C. for Nicolás Danies; the wills of José Jesús Quintero and Salome Ríos; the sale of a house of the heirs of Isidora Daza to Agustina Daza; the sale of a schooner named "Pledge" by Clemente Iguarán and José María Ávila; and, and the recognition of a writ granted by José P. Padilla on behalf of Ramona Bermúdez Ruiz for Leoncio Camen.