Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1860. Unico [1860]

This protocolo contains several wills, sales, and cancellations of powers. Of particular interest are: Title deed of the house of José Antonio Muñoz, power to manage several houses built at the expense of Manuel José Barros and Juan Feide de Leim, sale of a house by Ramona Rios to Matias Prieto, the will of B. Rodríguez, power of A. Breimer granted to Mary F. Palacios, power of José María Ferrano granted to Valentina Murgal. The protocolo is in a very delicate state. The year 1860 shows public instruments issued in the city of Riohacha organized into one book. It include sales of houses and farms with all their property, including mills and slaves, and property mortgages. In the powers of attorney, authority is given to a third party to safeguard the reputation of another, before any factual or legal complaint. There are also special powers relating to economic matters.