Alexander Johnston Papers File 19

File of manuscript letters relating to Alexander Johnston (1775-1849) and his descendants, arranged by Sri Lankan historian and businessman James T. Rutnam, including letters ranging in dates from 1789 to 1915. The file contains letters between the French Foreign Legion and D.C. Johnston (?-?), a letter to Alexander Johnston of 1809[?] related to irrigation water tank issues in Ceylon's Northern and Eastern Provinces, letters by Lady Johnston (?-?) regarding events occuring in the 1770s, '80s, and '90s, an 1851 letter by Scottish firm Lockhart, Morton, Whitehead & Greig to an unknown addressee regarding a Johnston ancestor in 1701, and a letter of completion from South-Western Polytechnic Institute attesting to D.C. Johnston's completion of a four week course in engineering in 1915. Other persons named or referenced: Ceylon Governor Sir Thomas Maitland (1760-1824), William Campbell Houston (?-?), Sir Archibald Campbell Johnston (?-?).