Alexander Johnston Papers File 40

File of manuscript letters relating to Alexander Johnston (1775-1849) and his descendants, arranged by Sri Lankan historian and businessman James T. Rutnam, including letters ranging in dates from 1838 to 1878. Includes correspondance of Louis Campbell Johnston (?-?), Copy of a letter from 1834 by Alexander Johnston to Lord [?] regarding Hindu and Muslim law. Honorary membership certificate for Mohammed Ali Pasha (1769-1849) of Egypt from the Asiatic Society. Document titled 'Memorandum, regarding the Political relations existing between His Highness the Imaun of Muscat, and the British Government.' One description by an unknown writter describes the 1816 regulations for the abolition of the children of slaves in Ceylon, as well as the adoption of trial by jury, two accomplishments credited Alexander Johnston (1775-1849). The condition of the file varies from good to poor.