Monastery of St. Rose. Manual book of the writings that the Prelate handles belonging to the festivities of the the Saints held in this Monastery

Contains the register of donation for the different festivities that were held in the monastery during the 19th Century. Each document indicates the date on which it was signed, the granter’s name, the amount donated, and payments from year to year. Some donors are: Miguel del Fierro, Jose Joaquin Toro, Juana Martínez, Juan Antonio Herrera, Gertrude Palacios, among others. Examples of feasts: Saint Dominic, Saint Ignatius, the Lord Captive, etc.

Book of legal size, with title at cover (29.5 x 21 x 1 cm); bound with thread. It has sheets of white colour, with numbering not correlative; handwriting and readable.

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