Liberated African Department; Miscellaneous return book [1834-1838]

Description: The first few pages of this volume are blank. This volume contains financial accounts of the Liberated African Department. The volume contains information about the salaries of employees of the Liberated African Department. It also provides information about officials and Liberated Africans in each colony village, as well as information on the quarterly receipts and disbursements of the Department. Lists of salaries provide information on the town or village where the official was employed and their name and salary. Information is also provided on the financial allowance to the Liberated African Department, the total quarterly charge of the Liberated African Department, the decrease in the preceding quarter, the increase in the preceding quarter, and the cause of the increase or decrease. The accounts for the ‘Return of the Establishment of the Liberated African Department in the Colony of Sierra Leone’ contain information on the: name and designation of officer; office; date of appointment; by whom appointed and under what instrument; whether the office was executed by the principal or by deputy; the amount of salaries. Also the volume presents lists of the number of Liberated Africans under the charge of the General Superintendent. These Liberated Africans were over fourteen years old, and they were listed by village and according to whether they were male or female. Extent of original material: 1 volume of 398 folios.

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