Batismos de Escravos, Forros e Livres, 1835-1849

The volume records baptisms of enslaved and free people from the Church of Nossa Senhora do Amparo de Maricá, Maricá-RJ. Entries date from 09 Jul 1835 to 28 Oct 1849 . There are no opening or closing charters. The following clergy signed the entries: Commissioned Vicar /Coadjutor Jozé Faustino Gomes de Santa Anna, Commissioned Pastor Antonio Xavier(?) da Serra (?). There are records of manusmissions at the baptismal font ("alforria na pia" on folios 37V, 38F, 63F, 95V, 101F, 63F, 95V, 101F, 110F, 130F, 149F, 190V, 191F, 194V, 199. There are formal recognitions of paternity (Reconhecimento de Paternidad) on folios 37, 38V, 46V, 54F, 59V, 93F, 94F, 101F, 109F, 110F, 120, 125F, 126V, 127F, 131V, 135V, 138F, 139F, 154, 157F, 158V, 189F, 190, 193V, 194F, 196V, 197F, and 198F. There are justifications (Justificativas) on folios 116-118, 155, 191, 192, 193, 195, 196, 203, 209, and 210F. Physical characteristics: The volume consists of 239 folios. It is missing a cover and the folios have come loose from the binding. Dimensions: 43cm x 27cm. Owner(s) of original material: Arquivo da Cúria Metropolitana de Niterói.