Batismos de Escravos, Forros e Livres, 1794-1803

The volume contains baptismal records of enslaved, freed (forro), and free people registered in the Church of São Pedro da Aldeia, São Pedro da Aldeia-RJ. Entries date from 02 Nov 1794 to 05 May 1803. There is no opening charter; the closing charter was signed in Cabo Frio by (...) Leal on 11 Dec 1786. Entries were signed by the following clergy: Coadjutor João Melo da Costa Castro, Coadjutor Silvestre Luis Barbosa (?), and Vicar Manoel d'Almeida. Physical characteristics: The volume consists of 200 folios, of which 191 were photographed. It has a cover; the folios have come loose from the binding and have many holes. On some of the folios, there are posterior annotations in pencil and ballpoint pen. Some folios are missing numbers. Dimensions: 22cm x 31.5cm. Owner(s) of original material: Arquivo da Cúria Metropolitana de Niterói.