Statue: Kunda (Wylie sku ’dra) སྐུ་འདྲ Late nineteenth /early twentieth century

An old wooden statue of Tangtong Gyalpo. Tangtong Gyalpo’s face and body has been recently repainted golden, his hair black. The statue was cleaned and painted in bright colours prior to the 1996 Kalachakra initiation at Tabo monastery. The statue was blessed and consecrated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama at that event. On the reverse of the statue a strip of yellow cloth covers the space inside the statue that contains written prayers. The statue is unclothed. Approx 350 mm high. One statue.

The material is owned by Jigmed Thakpa and has been handed down through several generations. All the materials in the archive are kept within the prayer room of the house.

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