Rituals of handwriting judgement, fortune-telling, physiognomy practicing

Cham manuscript made of paper and bound into volume with threads. No covers. The contents are written with India ink on thick paper. The contents are written in Akhar Thrah script. Pages 42 to 47, Page 76, 77 have vertical lines drawn with pencil. The manuscript is in good condition. The manuscript covers religious and astrological themes. Contents: rituals of handwriting judgement, fortune-telling, physiognomy practicing. Size: 14.5 x 17 cm.

The manuscript was passed down by ancestors. Mr. Luu Sanh Thanh has inherited the manuscript from Superior Priest Truong Dinh (Hoai Trung). Several manuscripts were collected by himself. Author is unknown.

Extent and Medium of original material: No cover. Paper manuscript, thick paper. 83 pages.

Volume no.: 50.

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