No title [1879]

Description: The protocol contains, among other notarial records,proxies, ancillary sales, sales of building lots, land sales, deeds of surety by consumption of meat, probate of wills, probate of possession of the islands "Caribe and Tamacos", wills, the authorization of the will of Cipriano Ferias, acknowledgments of debt, payments of debts, the authorization of the will of Benancio Castaño, the second part of the partnership agreement between Cerbeleón Martinez Ribón and Henry Lancaster to manufacture whiteware. One name that stands out in the book is that of José María Amaris i Pedroza and Manuel del Castillo. Physical condition of original material: Hard cardboard covers in white, red and black. It has 100 sheets with 48 notary edicts registered. 100% of the book content is in good condition. The edicts are signed by Abiantes Manuel Cañarete (notary). The Protocol has a chronological index of the documents in its final pages. Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.

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