Tomo I [1806-1807] Part 1

Description: This protocol contains, in its first part, the will of Gonzalo José de Hoyos, in the second, inventory and paddocks land appraisals of Juncal San Luis Beltran and the Canary Islands, in the third part, the lands title of the hacienda de Carrera Larga y la Loma, and in the fourth, are recorded the title to the property of hacienda Carrera Larga y la Loma; protocol also contains everything related to the process of hereditary succession of all assets of the Marques de Torre Hoyos. Physical condition of original material: The protocol have a cover that does not match the contents of the book, however if the recorded chronology is consistent; the color of the cover is a soft gray. It consists in 347 sheets and notarial 4 edicts. 70% of the book is in good condition. The records are signed by Agustín Gallardo, war officer, and Carlos José de Lerma. (The book is located in Box No. 2). Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.