Provincial Government: Correspondence with Magistrates, 1880

The book contains records of correspondence with magistrates in the year 1880, referring to: inspection and identity proceedings of a corpse identified as Manuel da Silva Guarabira, who was imprisoned in Fernando de Noronha on a galley penalty; delivery of a document relating to Judges' time of service; privates Manoel Gomes, José Soares de Souza and Antonio Pereira Gomes sent for trial in Mamanguape; law graduate (bacharel) Ignacio Lucas de Souza Rangel is sworn into office as Municipal and Orphans' Judge in Termo do Pato; Exoneration of law graduate (bacharel) Lindolfo Caledoncio D'Assumpção Santiago from the position of prosecutor; leave for District Judge of Pombal, law graduate (bacharel) Benjamim Franklin D'Oliveira; Registrar of Finance Daniel Eduardo de Figueiredo's complaints regarding payment by court order of costs for the works on petitions and other documents. Signed by José Bezerra Costa de Albuquerque (Interim Secretary), José João Soares Neiva, Antonio Alfredo da Gama e Mello.

Created by the Provincial Government of Paraíba.

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 135 folios, in addition to front and back cover. Manuscript book with non-original cover. Damaged by insects, iron gall ink. Numerated through folio 132.

Creator (Author): José Bezerra Costa de Albuquerque (Secretário Interino), José João Soares Neiva, Antonio Alfredo da Gama e Mello.