[no title] [1892]

The protocolo has a legend in ink pen that notes that the protocolo from the year 1892 was nearly destroyed and that its remains must be preserved. The protocolo contains legal and notarial documents from 1892. In that year, Miguel Morales acts as judge and notary. Folio 137r presents a table of contents of the public documents of the second book. This book contains: notarization of documents (witness information, agricultural possession), plot deeds, special powers, powers of attorney, acknowledgement of children, home sales, sales of plots, room sales, miscellaneous sales, bonds (Elías L. Pinedo on behalf of the national treasure, Juan Gomes Daza and Manuel Ramón Ayala for the national treasury), debt, and wills. The following names are important within the protocolo: Victor Dugan, León V. Weeber, Domingo G. de Weeber, Francisca Rosado.