[no title] [1852-1853]

The protocolo is divided into two books, with two sets of page numbering. At the beginning of each of the books there is a respective index in acceptable condition for reading. In this book Mr. Luis Robles is acting notary, signing all the records entered here. The first book contains 63 notarial records. Among the records are private donations of goods, bond payments for management of private property, claims, recognition of debt payments, sales of goods (such as houses, lots and sugar mills), wills, and legalization of property titles. The second book contains ninety (90) notarial records, among which there are some surveys, bonds, and records of purchase and sale of goods, as well as judicial powers, complaints at national and district management, contracts, and grants. Among them we can highlight the complaint filed ​​by the captain of the schooner Gomez Porter, Mr. L Cahoon for damage suffered at sea, the probate of a will made by Juan J. García, the cancellation of a deed given by P. Hernán Esperanza in favor of Evangelista Pérez, and a power granted by Miguel Nuñez to Domingo Maldonado, resident of Bogota.