[no title] [1868-1899]

The first book belongs to 1868 and the second to 1869. The two books contain powers, wills, sales, and marriages. Of note are deeds for the sale of a house by Antonio Cano to the Cano Schnelle Society; special powers, like the one Mr. Nicolás Danies grants to José Araujo in Bogotá; the general power granted to Mr. Camacho Roldan Hermano by Antonio Cano; the celebration of a civil marriage contract between Mr. Alejandro Goiticoa and Mrs. Margarita Freile; the civil marriage contract of Mr. Francisco Garcia and Nicolasa Ortiz; the civil marriage contract of Mr. Tomas Barleza and Cristina Márquez; the sale of a coffee plantation by Mr. Nicolás Danies to Mr. Pedro Felisala; Antonio Amaya Daza's request for a protocolo recording the lands he held in the Cerrejón.