[no title] [1865-1867]

The years 1865-1867 are bound within the same cover, containing public instruments issued in the city of Riohacha. These records include bonds, powers, acknowledgements, wills, and sales. To date, the city of Riohacha is in the Department of Padilla, the sovereign state of Magdalena, which is shown on the stamps on each of the pages. The notary was Mr. Antonio Niamar Escudero. This book gives clues to relationships between Riohacha and other places such as Bogotá, Fonseca, Tomarrazon, Camarones and the Caribbean. For example, there is a document from Curação on November 27, 1866, addressed to the consul of the United States of Colombia for the transfer of a schooner. Public instruments that are more frequent are sales of plots and homes, like that of José María Gaston, or mortgages, as in the example of Nicolás de Barros, who has to mortgage his house. Mr. Nicolás Dumise filed his complaint of an excessive wealth tax imposed by the council accusing it of being arbitrary. Other public instruments worth noting are marriage contracts, division of estates, donations of goods (in these years only to legitimate children), and processes of inventories and appraisals of property left by Mrs. Dolores Ariza de Laborde.