Colección Hume Hermanos [1884-1985]

The material includes around 10,000 pages of textual documents, more than 1500 glass plate stereographs and 3 black and white photograph albums. The photos show the works of the construction of bridges, factories, railroads, warehouses, garages, docks and other engineering works, as well as family scenes. Most of the images were taken in Argentina countryside and other locations in South America and Europe, during the first decades of the XXth Century, until the disappearance of the company. The textual complements the images and includes handmade sketches, budgets and description of the materials and techniques used in those days. There are also three business letter copying books. The textual and the photographs are dated mostly between 1910's and 1940's. One of the letter copying books is from 1884. Though the main part of the collection seems to be original from the decades of the 1920's and 1930's, some documents have been added after the disappearance of the company and this was probably done by Roland Hume.