Bimal Baruah Collection [c18th century]

This collection of manuscripts belongs to Bimal Baruah.

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  • Ban Seng [c18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/1
    It is a fortune telling manuscript. The text in the folios is not related although complete. ...
  • Fragment [c18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/2
    These fragments contain historical information (Buranji). The first line of the first folio is about KonSeng Borpatra Gohain (Chau Seng Lung KonSeng ) who was the husband of Mula Gabhoru. He was also the first Borpatra Gohain. It is written in the second f ...
  • Fragment [c18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/3
    The content of these fragments are mantras alluding Legdon. The content of the folio in image 0011.tiff contains buranji. ...
  • Fragment [1799-1800]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/4
    These fragments contain mantras. Lak Ni Kap Singa, Diun Kam month. This means the second month of the year that is equivalent to 1799-1800. ...
  • Fragment [c18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/5
    The content of these folios relate to Buranji. In image 0005.tiff it is written that in the year Lak Ni Tau San king Suhum ordered (Chau) Bau Pha to rule a portion of his country in future. ...
  • Fragment [c18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/6
    Theses fragments contain text relating to Buranji. Further in image 0002, in the second line, it is written about Me Dam Me Phi written as Me Phi Me Sang. It is mentioned that in Mo Din Sip Song, i.e., in the 12th month Chau Pha Sang Tak came to the capita ...
  • Fragment [c18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/7
    The content in theses folios are mixed. Image 0001-0002 is Deo Buranji, 0003-0004 is Sang Han and 0007-0008 is Deo Buranji. ...
  • Pani Jora [c18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/9/8
    The text in this folios is about Om Pha Bidhi. It is about conducting Om Pha for the welfare of the state. The offerings for the ceremony like chicken, eggs, pig, swan etc are mentioned. In image 0013 it is written 101 small chicken, eggs, 10 big chicken, ...