Mohendrajit Boruah Collection [c 18th - 19th century]

This manuscript belongs to Mohendrajit Boruah.

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  • Phai Lung

    File Ref: EAP373/36/1
    Phai Lung is a khon (spirit) calling and water purifying manuscript. In Assamese it is called the Bor Phai puthi. The manuscript has been titled Phai Lung because that phrase is repeated many times. On the last page it is written Phonidhar Gogoi Puthi, bha ...
  • Phake Book

    File Ref: EAP373/36/2
    It is a Lik Khv Mvng manuscript containing history. In image 0002, line2 it is written jiu mau pha tek rek pin ma sau…. lung ma bong sa lik cha khang lung ma pin chau. Image 0001, line 2 it is written mung tav ko hau yu ma sung mung nau ko hau lu ma….. (mu ...