Syik Jah Cot Baroh Collection of Acehnese Manuscripts [18th - 20th century]

This fonds consists of digital images of one manuscript held by Syik Jah Cot Baroh of Pidie regency, Indonesia. The original collection contains 28 manuscripts contain a number of texts covering a range of subjects, including Islamic law, Sufism, theology, prophecy and Arabic grammar. The collection dates from 1700-1900, and was passed down to Syik Jah Cot Baroh from her ancestors.

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  • Fal [18th century]

    File Ref: EAP229/4/1
    Digital images of a manuscript used for divination. The name of the owner and author is given on the back of the chart: Dan empunya fal ini Nyak Umar cut amut ibn Muhammad ibn Yakub dan yang menyurat sendirinya ...