Cakramāṃ’s letter to grandfather Gayālāl

Informing that Cakramāṃ, his mother, younger brother and sister are with the convoy of one ‘Vāvu Sāhev’, who camps frequently, hence 8-10 days extra delay in reaching (home).

Owner(s) of original material: Rita Rajbhandari, Rina Rajbhandari.

Author(s) of original material: Cakramāṃ.

Scribe of original material: Cakramāṃ.

Alternative calendar and dates: Vikram; 1965 Kārtik 19.

Physical characteristics: Nepali Paper; 1 folio, 19 cm X 23 cm.

Reference for the physical file at the Tīrthalāl Naghabhanī Archive: 188.