Parroquia San Geronimo de Monteria LIBRO DE MATRIMONIO No. 002 [1845-1894]

Description: The book of marriage certificates 002 corresponds to marriage certificates registered in the perish of Saint Geronimo, City of Monteria, years 1945 to 1994. Certificates are signed by the priests José Maria del Toro y la Estrella, Sebastian Arellanos, José Inés Ruiz, the bishop Eugenio Biffi of Cartagena, Isaias Pesisitelli, priest vicar of Lorica; and roberto Charri, and Nestor Coronel de la hoz and Aristides Mendoza, also priests. Physical condition of original material: Cover of cardboard covered with red leatherette and taxed golden letters. It contains 90 sheets, numbered 6 to the 91. 75% of the book is in good condition. It contains 300 records of marriages, signed by priests José Garnies, José María de el Toro and the star, Sebastian Arellanos, José Inés Ruíz, the Bishop Eugenio Biffi de Cartagena, Isaiah Pessitelli priest Vicar of Lorica and the pastor Joaquín Franco. Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.

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