Tä’ammerä Maryam [20th century]

MS NO. 28 77f. Story of Mary (Nägärä Maryam) The bookblock- probably resewn. In very bad condition. The sewing is very weak and partly broken between 1 and 2 quires. The parchment folios of the manuscript are deformed extremely dirty. There is a very thick layer of dirt visible on lower and outer margins of most of folios. Dark and black stains and smears (?) occur in all surface of folios. Additionally, a large dark-brown water-stain on the upper corner of the folios is visible. The binding- is in bad condition. The leather of the spine area is cut off. The leather on the boards is very dirty, darkened and stained. A significant part of leather was unstuck and torn. It was necessary to undertake conservation treatment before digitalization. A long cracks of the leather on all edges of the boards can be observed.