Register of alien children in the colony of Sierra Leone [1 Jun 1863-29 Apr 1865]

Description: The first 40 pages are blank. This volume contains information about children who were classified as 'Alien' in the colony. Information is entered in tables under standardised headings for the ‘Number of certificate’, ‘Every name of Alien Child’, ‘Age’, ‘Sex’, ‘Nation’, ‘Any particular marks’, ‘With whom residing’, ‘Name and residence of Parents’, ‘Name and residence of Persons bringing such Child’, ‘For the purpose brought’, ‘Signature of Parties’, ‘School’ and ‘Removal, Departure or Death’. The document starts on 2 June 1863 and ends with entry number 269 on 29 April 1865. Extent of original material: 1 volume of 588 folios.

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