Khun Lung Khun Lai (Lai Jung Kham) [1774-75]

The content of this manuscript is Buranji.It is dated (image 0027) as Lakni Kat Kau, 8th month, in the days of Kamaleshwar Singha (1795-1811). The location is Song Su Kat (Jorhat, kat means market; jor in Assamese means a pair and this is song su in Ahom).The copyists name seems to be Modam Phuke, whose son is Horu Koi. The word Moramoriya follows, which shows that the writer was of Hindu religion, maybe. This book is named as 'creation' Pvn Ko Mvng, of Khun Lung and Khun Lai, followed by the words Lai Jung Kham (meaning unknown). The day of copying is then given, Tai day, Kap Ngi,Assamese day Huni (Saturday). The final sentence says 'if anybody begs this (book), don't give it, keep it hidden away (lak bai svng). The last line contains the words ja am (don't be silent). Lak Ni Kat Sav, eight month at the time of Kamaleshwar Singha (1795-1811) at Jorhat. However the year Kat Sav corresponds to 1774-75 so this is in error.

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