Lai Lit [c18th century]

This manuscript is a compilation of two stories. The first story named Pang Kala Phura is from image 0001-0049.tiff and the second story named Mon Hung Phura is from image 0050-0074. Both of them are buddhist stories. The first of story which includes images is EAP373_TapudharPhukan_LaiLit_0001 to 0049 and 0073 and 0074, the last two of which represent folio 3, which was photographed later. It is the story about the times of a former Buddha Tipangkala. On fol 30r (image 0049, the name of the copyist and the date of copying is given. The second text runs from images 0050 to 0072. This is also a Buddhist text).

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