Buranji [c18th century]

In the first folio it is written as jim mv pha tek rvk pung khun lung khun laimeaning in the past Khun Lung Khun Lai were sent down to Mvng Ri Mvng Ram to rule as kings.The lines that follow is about the families that accompanied Khun Lung Khun Lai.Fol 93 (image 0185) includes the name of the owner, Khau Tek Mo Phukan who is the great-great-great-grandfather of the present owner, Jibeshwar Phukan. His name is still in Tai language and he would have lived in the mid 19th century. Jibeshwar's grandfather received a letter from the Chief Secretary of Assam and also from the DHAS in 1932 about this MS. A second text commences on Fol93v (Image 0186). Up to fol 144 this text continues, (_0288.jpg) with numbering of the high numbers in the form digit 20 digit, as 7 20 4 for 144. Following this there is a second fol 144 and beyond, using a different system of number, as pak (100) digit 20 digit, as pak 2 20 4 for 144. may be a different text, or a numbering error, unknown. This numbering continues sequentially from 144 to 163 (_0338.jpg) then fol 164 is missing, possibly taken by Sarat Phukan, and the it continues to fol 169 (image 0348.jpg). Images 0349 and 0350 are the cover, and images 0351 and 0352 may be another manuscript that has been stored with this. Altogether 13 pages are missing, in the custody of Sarat Phukan.

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