Fragments [c18th century]

The content in these folios relate to different subjects. Image 0003-0004 is Aap Tang which has mantra to purify water for bathing to get rid of evil spirits. Image 0005-0006 is a Buranji folio. In this folio, it is written that Kam Lung was known as Gorgoanya Handique. Further, it is written about the first Ahom king Chau Lung Sv Ka Pha. It is recorded that in the year, Lak Ni Kat Rau, Rung Kao month and on the Tau Sau day, Chau Lung Sv Ka Pha came to Assam to establish his kingdom. The people who came with are also mentioned here like Thau Mung Lung Kanong Borgohain, Thau Mung Lung Kheng Lung, Thau Mung Mang Rai and others.

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