Canons for the dead and for travelers // Каноны за умерших и в помощь путешествующим // Kanony za umershikh i v pomoshch' puteshestvuiushchim [1880s-1890s]

Paper of the body text: Russian machine-made paper with a stamp (not found in available references books) and a stamp of the Uspenskaia manufacture, Tobolsk Governorate, was made in the 1880s [ref.: Клепиков С.А. Филиграни и штемпели на бумаге русского и иностранного производства XVII-XX вв. М., 1959. № 209]. Paper used for reconstructing of missed fragment: Russian machine-made paper without labels (f. 31).

Writing style: half-uncial script by two hands. Decoration: headings and initials with purple inks; the end-pieces with geometric and floral ornament (f. 1, 21, 38), initials with floral ornament (f. 4, 10, 27, 30, 36, 39, 62). The manuscript contains canons for the dead and the Canon to the Mother of God and Saint Nicholas. In Orthodox culture this Canon is considered as a prayer of travelers. Binding: 1880s-1890s, cardboard, paper, textile. Owner’s bookplate and readers’ notes. 1880s-1890s (with restoration of the text in 1890s-1900s).

8º, size of the book blocks –168 mm x107 mm, size of the binding - 177 mm x 112 mm, height of the binding – 15 mm; 63 f. = f. 1-30 (1880s-1890s) + 31 (restoration of the text in 1890s-1900s) + 32-63 (1880s-1890s); Condition: satisfactory. The manuscript was acquired by the community of Old believers-pilgrims living in the Tomsk-Chulym taiga.