Cittadhar (Hṛdaya)’s letter to Tirthalāl

Cittadhar writes from Calcutta, praising the efforts by Tīrthalāl and Nepāl Bhāṣā Vikās Maṇḍal for the cause of Nepal Bhasa.

Custodial history: TLP.

Owner(s) of original material: Rita Rajbhandari, Rina Rajbhandari.

Author(s) of original material: Cittadhar (Hṛdaya).

Scribe of original material: Cittadhar (Hṛdaya).

1962 September 1.

Physical characteristics: Indian Paper; printed envelope;1 folio, 26 cm X 18.5 cm.

Reference for the physical file at the Tīrthalāl Naghabhanī Archive: 321.