Chandra Mohan Collection [c18th century]

This collection of manuscripts belongs to Chandra Mohan.
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  • Bilahi Bejini [c18th century]

    This manuscript contian mantras to shed away evil eye or evil spirits. ... File Ref: EAP373/13/1
  • Du Kai Seng [c18th century]

    This is a fortune telling manuscript. There are images of pairs of chicken legs with thin bamboo sticks attached to them. And depending on these images, the placement of the bamboo sticks, fortune telling and procastination of any kind of good or bad happe ... File Ref: EAP373/13/2
  • Khon Ming [c18th century]

    This manuscript is similar to the other KhonMing manuscripts. It is used for calling of khons or spirits. ... File Ref: EAP373/13/3
  • Nidan Puthi [c18th century]

    This manucript contain medicinal remedies for different kinds of deseases. ... File Ref: EAP373/13/4
  • Sarpa Mantra [c18th century]

    This manuscript contain remedies for snake bites. ... File Ref: EAP373/13/5