Types of record

The archive contains four different types of record:

  1. Project page - Each EAP funded project has a unique reference and its own project page. This page gives details of the project, its aims and objectives, and it is also where you can find any reports, archive surveys, and other related material created by the project teams. If the project is complete a ‘View archives from this project’ link will be visible. (e.g. https://eap.bl.uk/project/EAP833)
  2. Collection - Every completed digitisation project will contain at least one collection. A collection can describe a collection of material digitised at a single institution. It can also describe a category of files within a collection. For example, the Lazic Family Archive collection is sub-divided into six collections, including one for war publications, and one for periodicals. The periodicals collection is also sub-divided into collections, this time by the periodical title. (e.g. https://eap.bl.uk/collection/EAP833-1)
  3. File - Files are found in collections. Each "File" contains all the digital images for a single object. For example, a 300 page digitised manuscript will be represented in the archive as a "File" that contains 300 digital images. Other typical examples of a "File" include: a book, a volume, a photograph album, a folder of documents, a single edition of a newspaper. (e.g. https://eap.bl.uk/archive-file/EAP833-1-2-1-1)
  4. Item - An item represents a single digital image within a "File" (e.g. individual photographs within a photograph album or individual documents within a folder). Not all projects are catalogued to this level of detail. (e.g. https://eap.bl.uk/item/EAP001-1-2-3)

Example of 'Collection' level records from the Lazic Family Archive.

Example of 'Collection' level records

You can navigate back up through the record levels by using the 'This collection/file/item is part of' information panel directly below the details panel.

Showing 'This File is a part of'