Archival records from Conserving Indigenous Memories of Land Privatisation in Mexico: Michoacán’s Libros de Hijuelas, 1719-1929 (EAP931)

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  • Los Libros de Hijuelas de Michoacán de Ocampo

    Collection Ref: EAP931/1
    The Libros de Hijuelas (deed books, in English) record the state-wide privatisation of indigenous lands in 19th century Michoacán, Mexico. The collection consists of 196 leather-bound volumes containing 45,000 folios dating from 1713‐1941. All the document ...
  • Serie 17: Varios

    Collection Ref: EAP931/1/17
    The series consists of 2 bound volumes. ...
  • Libro de Hijuelas, varios, número 2

    File Ref: EAP931/1/17/2
    The book contains information on the division of assets in San Antonio, Cutzeo, and Huetamo; payment of tax contributions in Maravatio; and documentation related to land disputes between San Felipe and Hacienda "Angangueo". The volume consists of correspon ...