Archival records from Conserving Indigenous Memories of Land Privatisation in Mexico: Michoacán’s Libros de Hijuelas, 1719-1929 (EAP931)

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  • Los Libros de Hijuelas de Michoacán de Ocampo

    Collection Ref: EAP931/1
    The Libros de Hijuelas (deed books, in English) record the state-wide privatisation of indigenous lands in 19th century Michoacán, Mexico. The collection consists of 196 leather-bound volumes containing 45,000 folios dating from 1713‐1941. All the document ...
  • Serie 17: Varios

    Collection Ref: EAP931/1/17
    The series consists of 2 bound volumes. ...
  • Libro de Hijuelas, varios, número 1

    File Ref: EAP931/1/17/1
    The book comtains documentation relevant to the districts of Maravatío and Uruapan. It contains the registers of the communities of Barrio de San Juan Evangelista, Jucutacato, San Francisco, Santa Maria, San Miguel el Alto, San Pedro Tarimangacho, and Sebi ...