Archival records from Recovering the Middle Congo archives at Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo: new steps towards the social history of the Congo (EAP844)

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  • Archives de la Préfecture de Pointe-Noire (APPN-CON)

    Collection Ref: EAP844/1
    Material that is from an earlier year than 1998/99 (years of the Congolese civil war) can be found in one small store room, of which the left side is still filled nearly up to the ceiling. On the basis of the 99 boxes that were created out of reclassified ...
  • Dossier 97.1 (provisional inventory)

    File Ref: EAP844/1/1
    This dossier contains a number of files having to do with land issues and processes connected to such land issues (including ‘native’ rights, missionaries’ observations, and the sometimes hostile relations between administrative officials and French coloni ...
  • Dossier 96.1 (provisional inventory)

    File Ref: EAP844/1/2
    Under the impression of war mobilization and the war economy, social life in the Middle-Congo became once again characterized by violence and repression. This dossier allows reconstructing a number of exemplary themes that are relevant for this war experie ...
  • Dossier 96.2 (provisional inventory)

    File Ref: EAP844/1/3
    This unusual archival dossier brings together of security reports from the Kouilou region covering much of the year of 1961, thus giving a debate of critical issues during the decolonization of the coastal region of the Republic of Congo. The reports are p ...