Archival records from Jaffna Protestant digital archive project (EAP835)

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  • Ecclesiastical Reports 1855-1860

    File Ref: EAP835/1/6
    This file holds reports from numerous mission stations in the Jaffna peninsula, including Batticotta, Chavagachery, Karativoe, Manipay, Oodoopitty, Oodooville, and Valany. Some of the reports are signed by missinoaryes like E.P. Hastings (?-1890), and Levi ...
  • Diary Fragment, 1836-1838

    File Ref: EAP835/2/4
    This file describes church admissions, schools, the printing press, religious vocations, mission meetings, and funds of the mission. The writer mentions Samuel Hutchings (1806-1895), Benjamin Meigs (1789-1862), M.D. Sanders (?-?), and Miron Winslow (1789-1 ...